Preschool Program

In the 3-4 pre-school room we teach the children shapes, colors, counting, alphabet, use of scissors and songs. We also teach them independence with structured learning activities, daily projects, and games. These classrooms have a large fenced in playground with climbing pieces, bikes, trucks and more to play with. If your child is potty training or in diapers, parents will need to provide diapers or pull-ups each day.

In the 4-5 year pre-school classrooms we focus on learning and educating your child before they enter Kindergarten. We feel that by providing them with the knowledge they need for school early they feel more informed and have an advantage to those who do not attend pre-school. In this classroom we focus on the alphabet, numbers, writing, using scissors, and following directions. We teach them independence, manners and sharing. The children have a structured learning environment everyday and they participate in daily projects and activities related to the weekly theme.

Blanket, lunch and extra clothing.

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