Pre-K Program

Pre-K CareThe Pre-K classroom is very spacious and is designed for active and creative youngsters.  Each child has their very own cubby locker where they keep track of their own belongings and where parents can pick up art projects or learning activities they did during the day.  The classroom has a kitchen area for lunch and snack time, a circle area for social interaction and games with the teacher and learning centers scattered throughout the room.  We also have an assortment of board games and toys for free choice activities.

Our Pre-K program focuses on making learning fun through educational experiences and engaging projects.  Their daily schedule exercises their mind through circle time focusing on calendar activities, weather, counting, and fun songs. Each day of the week has its own special activity, whether it be Monday news, show & share, cooking, science experiments or special Fridays!

The children also participate in learning centers. Some of the themes they focus on are: letters A-Z, addition & Subtraction, vowels & consonants, penmanship, writing sentences, consonant blends, colors & shapes, holidays around the world, and much more.

A cold or hot lunch can be brought in as we have a microwave and refrigerator for your child’s lunch. We provide milk during lunch and water with snacks. A change of clothes all the way down to underwear and socks as accidents still happen. Running sneakers/shoes, sunscreen, a water bottle during the warmer months. During the colder months a coat, hat, gloves and boots.

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